Project Body Love

a transformative 4-week program for women

Loving your body is hard to do:

we live in a world that tells us to "just love your body," while simultaneously showing us that our bodies are too much, not enough, unruly, and not to be trusted.

And so

if you, like me and so many other women out there

have spent a lifetime 

counting calories and drops of sweat

tugging at your clothes in the mirror


pasting pictures of other women's bodies to your vision boards,

it's time to start your own Project Body Love.

Because our world needs its women committed to revolution and sovereignty and joy, not eating more salad.

If you want to love your body, but can't figure out *how*...

The Project Body Love program is a place to begin your journey back to yourself

to feeling like you belong in your own skin.

And I want to be real with you, because I know Diet Culture has been feeding us promises of instant transformation for a loooong time:

Body love is a practice, not an end goal, but beginning your own Project Body Love will give you the tangible, research-based tools you need to start.

Will you look in the mirror and do a happy dance after doing this program? Maybe. But what I believe is more important is that you begin to be in relationship with your body. That you become attuned to its many languages, and become skilled at attending to its needs. That you uncloak yourself from the shroud of shame you've been hiding behind, buy yourself some clothes that fit...and have a fire ceremony to burn the ones that don't, alongside all your beliefs that your nowbody (yeah, the body you have NOW) is anything less than a vehicle for you to experience JOY.


The Project Body Love program is also a place to feel less alone. To receive guidance along your path, and the support of other women who get it, and are living evidence that your experience of living in your body is real + meaningful, and that you belong here - in all your unruly, messy glory.


Here's what you'll experience during the Project Body Love program...

A powerful four-part process

 The four-part process that you will be guided through during Project Body Love is rooted in adult development psychology, neuroscience, and anthropological knowledge about what it takes to change our lives. Unlike so many other programs, Project Body Love explores not just behavioural change - the changes to things you DO - but on shifting your idea of who you are. This work isn't based in accountability measures, fancy wordplay and to-do lists: you will be given the tools to begin deep, meaningful and sustainable change to your life that you can't do wrong, not enough, or fail at.

Four interactive video sessions 

 You'll receive each week's module and practices via a 90-minute interactive video. You will be guided to begin to explore the week's topic, and to dive right into the transformational practices and reflections that will support you to shift your relationship with your body.

Ongoing online support

You'll get access to a private, supportive Facebook community to receive support, ask questions, and find inspiration. Additional links and resources will be posted here regularly to support you along your path.  

Hands-on, practical guidance

We know that most adult humans learn best by DOING, and that the absolute last thing you need in your life is more screen time. 

The Project Body Love program is full of hands-on, tangible practices for you to use, every day, in your real life. This is how sustainable change happens.

The Project Body Love Journey...


You will begin your own personal Project Body Love by taking a fearless and searching inventory of your relationship with your body: because you have to know where you are before you can know where you're going. You will dive into the history of your relationship with your body, and begin to reignite your sense of body connection with journal prompts, hands-on practices, and simple ritual.


You will be supported to explore what beliefs, ways of being and even ways of identifying you might be ready to release in order to move forward on your journey toward accepting, respecting and maybe even loving your body. Letting go and grieving the woman you once were - a smaller woman, or a woman who diets, for example - is an important part of the process. Powerful journal prompts and meaningful ritual will guide your process.


It's time to explore! You will be guided to create your own "tiny experiments" in accepting, respecting, and maybe even loving your body. You will learn about joyful movement, explore your relationship with rest, learn the art of "self-tending," dive into the juiciness of "authentic intimacy," re-engage with your intuition, explore intuitive decide: what is calling you? This is a rich, fun, curious and well-supported process of finding your way back to you.


It's time to host a reunion between you and your body. You will integrate all you've learned, start to explore what it means to be in relationship with your body and what your purpose for your body is. You'll also set your intentions for the path ahead, because being in a loving relationship with your body is a practice, not an end goal.

The Project Body Love program is a self-paced program with ongoing online support.  You can start and complete the program whenever you wish, and do it in a way that works for your life.



When you click the "Sign Up Now" button, you will be led through a process to make your payment for the Project Body Love program. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive the first session of the program via email. A new session will be delivered to your inbox each week for four weeks. If you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties with payment, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll get right back to you.  

Please invest in Project Body Love mindfully as no refunds will be given. If you have additional questions before enrolling, please contact me at jessie(at)jessieharrold(dot)com.  

Hi, I'm Jessie.

I am a women's mentor, doula, wilderness quest guide and author of the book Project Body Love: my quest to love my body and the surprising truth I found instead.

I hold a degree in Neuroscience, a Masters of Health Promotion, and I'm a certified professional life coach from the Centre for Applied Neuroscience and the Centre for Narrative Coaching and Design. 

After I wrote the book Project Body Love, I had so many people ask me how they, too, could embark on a journey to accept, respect, and maybe even love their bodies. This program, which uses the same research-based methodology I used in the book, is the result of those requests. 

I am honoured to have the opportunity to support you on your own Project Body Love quest.

What women have said about Project Body Love, the book...

"Project Body Love is a fierce, honest, + necessary read for all women ready to transform their relationship with their bodies. Jessie’s honesty moved me + her vision of healing is inspiring.”  

 - Molly Mahar, Founder of Stratejoy

"While reading, I lost count of how many times I whispered, 'just like me...' The truth in this bookwill illuminate and validate. Not in that 'rah-rah-rah' style of affirmations simply reheated and served up again. No, this is poetic and raw and wise. This book belongs on your bedside table with your body positive authors, your poetry books, your treasured essays. This book gets read more than once.  

- Amazon review

"Thank you for your incredible book. You are one hell of a courageous woman to write this book. I am full of admiration for your honesty and candor in how you have written about such deeply personal feelings. In doing so you have done a huge service to the masses and masses of women (me included) who are dissatisfied with and/or even hate their bodies."

- Amazon review

“Jessie’s words feel like a homecoming. Having wrestled with the same weight issues and body love challenges all my life, I felt like this book offered a safe place to land in a world that doesn’t always make our bodies feel welcome.”

- Heather Plett, Coach + Holding Space Facilitator  

Questions you may have about the program...

How long is this program? What does it entail?

The Project Body Love program consists of four modules, delivered directly to your inbox over the course of four weeks, from the time you sign up for the program. The program is self-paced, which means you can work on this material in your own time and in your own way - no pressure! Most of the program content will be covered in weekly video sessions, which range in length between 60-90 minutes. You are invited to do additional exploration, journaling and reflective practices if you feel called to do so. You will also get access to the Project Body Love Program Facebook group, where you can share in your process and receive real-time support from me, Jessie.

. What do I require to complete this program?  

You require a computer with internet access to receive the program emails and watch the videos. You may also choose to access the program Facebook group to enhance your experience.

I have another question…

Just email me at jessie(at)jessieharrold(dot)com! I would be happy to answer your questions.

"I want to be able to jump into the lake and swim to the other side. I want to feel the cold water around my body and see the sun sparkling off the waves as I turn my head to breathe. I want my body to be able to feel the joyous embraces and soft little kisses of my two beautiful children, whom, incidentally, my body created, birthed and nourished, all by itself. I want my body to allow me to travel all over the world and experience the tastes, smells, sights and sounds of new cultures. I want to fly down hills on my bicycle, experience deep peace in meditation, and feel the excited terror of a wave barrelling toward me as I prepare to jump to my feet on my surfboard. I want my body to allow me to know the exquisiteness of a perfectly-set creme brulee, to delight in the pleasure of cracking a perfectly caramelized crust of sugar with my spoon. I want to feel my toes curling into dewy grass, and my hands to know when the tomatoes are ripe for picking. I want to use my hands to hold the hands of those I love, and to press firmly on the backs and legs of the labouring women I support; I want my hands to offer comfort. I want to feel wind in my hair, and smell lilacs in the spring. I want my body to know the pleasure of a flowing, floral dress tickling my legs as I walk. I want to know what it is to be held and to feel deeply supported and cared for. I want to hear the peeper frogs on a cool spring night, and my daughter saying “I love you times infinity times a hundred million galaxy universes!” I want my body to help me learn its wisdom, to guide my intuition with the feeling in my gut and to walk me through the forest as I seek clarity."  

-excerpt from Project Body Love