Imagine if we saw motherhood as a sacred Rite of Passage that allowed women to access their deepest power.  

Because motherhood asks us to open our hearts in a way we’ve never done before, and because in all of the challenges there are equally as many moments of awe, love, connection and tenderness,  

we mamas require some support, some holding, as we journey fully into motherhood.  

It’s a transformation that starts at the conception of a child  

but we are mistaken to believe that the transformation into motherhood is complete when our babies are born.  

In fact, the rite of passage into motherhood is only just beginning.

Becoming a mother is so much more than just birthing a human (which is, of course, a fairly superhuman feat in and of itself). 

As you birth your baby, you are also birthing yourself. You, as mother, will become a different person than you were before having a child.  

Becoming a mother is a total identity shift.  

In times and places long ago and far away, women were ushered through the transition to motherhood with the support of a community of other women, with ritual and ceremony to celebrate their shifting lives.

But today, this incredibly important life transition is not protected and revered in the way it once was. We rush to "get back to normal" and often struggle with loneliness, sadness and a sense of feeling lost.

We've lost the "village" that was supposed to help us when this mothering thing got hard.

That's why I created MotherSHIFT.

MotherSHIFT is where you turn when your postpartum doula has packed up her magic Mary Poppins bag and your neighbours have stopped delivering casseroles...

MotherSHIFT can help you make sense of who YOU are, as a woman, now that you're a mother.

It's a place to receive guidance through the unknown, to be mothered as you mother. To know that your experience is real, meaningful, and okay.

MotherSHIFT will help you learn the skills and traditional wisdom that are your birthing-right as you traverse this rite of passage

and it's a place to grow real friendships and receive wholehearted support.

MotherSHIFT is an entire trimester - 3 months - of support dedicated to helping you to embody your motherhood.

Here's what you'll experience during MotherSHIFT...

Eight engaging modules

 You'll journey through eight modules of engaging content that will help you navigate your transition into motherhood, whether it's your first time or your fourth. Each module is focused and meaningful, fun and do-able, designed to be contemplated and completed between naps and feeds.

Eight live virtual women's circles + ongoing online support

 Each week, you'll circle up with the other mothers in the program to receive further teaching, coaching, and sharing opportunities. You'll also get access to a private, supportive Facebook community to receive support, ask questions, and find inspiration.

Two intimate group coaching sessions

 This is your opportunity to take. up. space. It's where you get to have your personal experience of motherhood deeply heard and held. One of these sessions will also include the opportunity to design a customized rite of passage ritual to honour your transition to motherhood.

A beautiful guidebook to capture your process

I've developed tangible tools and resources to help you navigate this sometimes gnarly work of becoming a mother. You'll receive a beautiful e-guidebook including worksheets and journal prompts. Your MotherSHIFT book will be your motherhood bible for the next twelve weeks.

Intimate group size + gentle pace

MotherSHIFT is a small, intimate group of mamas. You will have plenty of time and space to be heard, and all of you is welcome here. This is how we re-create the village.

MotherSHIFT's 8 modules are spaced over 12 weeks, with time for integration + connection baked right into the program structure. Trust me, I know what this new mama thing is all about: there is no "falling behind" or failing here. 

Lifetime access and bonus resources

 You'll have lifetime access to all program materials, including ongoing online support. Each module also includes bonus enrichment content including readings, interviews, music, guided meditations and other resources to enance your experience.

What other women have said about MotherSHIFT...

"so far the MotherSHIFT virtual women's circles have been my most favourite new momma community - I have felt inspired and held by the group chats, and have felt so much relief from the group laughs. I am afraid that after our last week together there'll be a little hole where I have felt excited and nourished and filled up these past weeks." 

- Julia C.

"I was so excited when I first discovered your Mothershift program. I had no idea something so perfect existed! I loved the experience and will always treasure it. I feel as though MotherSHIFT has helped me reach a point of being fully content and proud to be a mother. I feel that the program helped me to gain the courage to gracefully let my past life go and to happily move forward in my role as a new mother. "

- Stephanie V.

"I think just knowing that there is an actual mothershift has helped me to know that what I am experiencing is normal. It helped me to have deep and meaningful conversations about motherhood with Jessie and the group. Because of MotherSHIFT, I feel much stronger in who I am as a person. I now understand how relationships can change after becoming a mother and I am starting to trust my intuition a little bit more."  


"Every week of the program provided new insights and areas to continue exploring. Jessie is a rockstar and a brilliant resource.The weekly calls were well facilitated and great to hear different experiences from other mothers. Each call left me eager for more conversations with these women and to delve deeper into each topic."  

- Emma S.  

The MotherSHIFT Journey includes mentorship + coaching, women's circles and personal practice interwoven with ritual and meaningful self-care. This is what our path together will look like...

Part One: Transitioning to Mother

You'll learn more about what it means to fully transition into motherhood, including how other cultures deeply honour this process. You'll also learn about The Heroine's Journey as a framework for thinking about your transition. 

Part Two: A Changing Life

You'll explore the changes to your life, your relationships, and yourself that have happened since you became a mama, and how you feel about them. This module will form the groundwork of your transformation process during MotherSHIFT.

Part Three: Release

You'll address aspects of the transition to motherhood that often get overlooked: loss, grief, and surrender. As you navigate your new identity as mama, you're also leaving behind many aspects of yourself or your former life. You'll explore what you are ready to let go of, and learn a beautiful releasing ritual to support you to do this work.

Part Four: Tending + Rest

Tending is what happens about twenty steps before what we usually think of as self-care: it's about learning to listen to, acknowledge and meet your own needs - even the most basic ones, like peeing when you need to pee. Tending helps you develop the skills of self-trust and self-compassion, so that you will feel deeply nourished as a mother.

Part Five: Your Changing Identity

You'll dive deeper into your sense of who you are, especially now that you're a mother. Like many new mamas, you may have been feeling lost and unsure of yourself. You will complete your own Momifesto, a declaration of who you are as a mother, and as a woman who happens to be a mother.

Part Six: Embodiment 

This is the first of two weeks of reclaiming the "Powers of Motherhood." Because motherhood is not only about a change in your identity: it allows you to tap into a new powersource within yourself, if you'll allow it. With motherhood, your connection to your physical body is never more profound, or, at times, challenging. In this module, you will explore how to honour and attune to your body.

Part Seven: Inner Knowing

Reclaim the second "Power of Motherhood" - inner knowing. You will reunite with your intuition in a pragmatic way, reclaiming a long-forgotten way of knowing that exists below your shoulders and joining that all-knowing circle of mothers who "know best."

Part Eight: Finding community, leadership + authentic friendship

You'll prepare for your re-integration back into the world, considering the leadership you bring to the community of mothers who are also longing for a village to support them. You'll integrate what you've learned and prepare to embrace your motherhood with your oxygen mask firmly in place. 

The 2019 season of MotherSHIFT is now closed.

Click here to be one of the first to know when the 2020 season opens.  When you do, you will also receive your very own beautifully designed 20-page Momifesto Workbook:  a compass for your motherhood, and a map back home to yourself.

What other women have said about MotherSHIFT...

"Mothershift is an essential program for every new mother. It will help you make sense of this new phase of your life."  

-Stephanie V.  

"This is possibly the biggest transition you will undertake in your life. Here is a simple welcoming program that will support you, challenge you, and guide you while connecting with other mothers. Do it!"

- Holly L.  

"Mothershift is so amazing - it is 100 percent worth it to join! You get to connect with incredible women and also know that what you are experiencing is normal."  


Hi, I'm Jessie.

I want to help you to navigate your transition into motherhood in a way that leaves you feeling confident, empowered, and deeply transformed.

MotherSHIFT will help you to explore who you are as a mother, and as a woman who happens to be a mother.

I'm so proud and excited to bring you this program, which is the accumulation of everything I’ve learned from working with birthing women and mothers over the last ten years of my career.

I am a doula and breastfeeding educator, and I hold a degree in Neuroscience, a Masters of Health Promotion, and I'm a certified professional life coach. Perhaps most importantly, I am a mother of two.

Having been through the process of transitioning into motherhood twice myself, I want to help you to navigate this life shift in a way that supports you in the same way I was so crucially supported during this time in my life.

Questions you may have about the program...

How long is this program? When does it start and finish, and what does it entail?

MotherSHIFT consists of eight modules, and these are supported by eight virtual women’s circles over the course of twelve weeks. The four weeks that we do not have circles are used to integrate the material and hold intimate group coaching sessions. Each module contains a written section, some journal prompts or a workbook for you to complete, and usually a few bonus resources. The virtual circles are 90 minutes in length. The program material is both rich and focused, and you'll find it totally do-able and fun.

What if I can't make it to one of the live virtual women's circles?

Don't worry - each of the circles will be recorded and posted on the program webpage shortly afterward. You can catch up anytime you wish. Also? If you've got a babe in arms, you're more than welcome to join us. That's real life, right?

As a new mom, I sometimes feel like I'm running on empty. I want to do this, but I'm worried about how this program will fit into my life? 

Though we cover a lot of material in twelve weeks, the work of this program is both incredibly rich and gently approached, complete with four weeks interspersed through the program that are designed especially for integration and connection. You can commit to doing this work in any way that fits your life: you’re a mom. Myself and EVERYONE else in this program TOTALLY get that. There are no shoulds or must-do’s here. Not a one. You can turn to the readings and exercises in this program when your baby has fallen asleep in her carseat and you don’t want to wake her up, during late-night feedings, or on the rare occasion that you’re able to drink a hot cup of coffee and get a little time to yourself. No matter how you choose to engage with this material, it is my sincere hope that you find it delightful, that it feels like a space of refuge in the day-to-day of early motherhood, and that you feel safe, held and nourished here.  

Also, as a MotherSHIFT participant, you’ll have lifetime access to the program and any changes or updates that might occur during that time period. There’s no rush – the program will always be here for you.

I'm not really a "new" mom anymore, but I think I would benefit from this program. Can I still participate?

Yes! I am a fan of reminding women that the transition to motherhood takes 2-3 years. Please, please join us.

. What do I require to complete this program?  

You need a computer hooked up to the internet to complete the bulk of the program material.  

I have another question…

Just email me at jessie(at)jessieharrold(dot)com! I would be happy to answer your questions.

“There are no two ways about it: a mother must be mothered in mothering her own offspring. Though a woman has an inalienable spiritual and physical bond with her offspring, in the world of the instinctual Wild Woman, she does not just suddenly become a fully formed temporal mother all by herself…for eons this role was served by the older women of the tribe or village. These human “goddess mothers” constituted an essential female-to-female nutritional system that nourished the young mothers in particular, teaching them how to nourish the psyches and souls of their young in return” -Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

Want to explore more about MotherSHIFT before you commit?

Download the Momifesto Workbook

Your guide to exploring who you are as a mother

and as a woman who happens to be a mother

"I started the momifesto last night. And I was in tears right from the first page as I finally felt like someone could see me and feel with me and help me come to grips with the reality that I'm in transition.  

I am now very excited (but patient) to meet the new me. And to introduce you to her too.*

-L.A., new mom